The east coast of Madagascar hit hard by tropical cyclone Batsirai.

After shaking Mauritius and Reunion Island, the intense tropical cyclone Batsirai hit the eastern coast of Madagascar with full force.

The effects (strong wind and incessant rain) began to be felt from the middle of Saturday 05 February on the northern coasts of the Vatovavy region.

Still, on Saturday at 9 pm local time, the eye (area and perimeter where are concentrated the most extreme conditions) has touched land between Nosy Varika and Mananjary.

As expected, the impact of tropical cyclone Batsirai on Madagascar was violent.

Between Nosy Varika and Mananjary, an area of 70km long, everything was devastated by devastating winds. The powerful cyclonic swell has eaten away at the coasts until it washed away a cemetery in Mahanoro, a town located 80km north of Nosy Varika.

Map of affected localities

The sea entered inland with a high level of waves of 10 m.

Finally, Batsirai caused heavy rainfall on a large part of the east coast and the southeast.

Houses were swept away, tin roofs were blown off as well as livestock which also perished. On the agricultural side, 80% of the rice fields and food crops were flooded and therefore suffered heavy losses.

Sugar cane crop of a CEIM member

In terms of infrastructure, roads have been cut because either trees have fallen to block traffic, or the waters have caused damage and holes on the road.

As a result, the official figures to date (February 11, 2022) have announced 120 deaths and considerable material losses. Nearly 80% of the village of Mananjary, as well as the Pangalana, were devastated.

CEIM Manerinerina house


Concerning the CEIM, out of the 30 churches in this zone, 19 constructions composed essentially of wood were literally razed by the wind, except in Andonaka and Tanambao Berano. The observation is the same as in Mananjary.

Fenoarivo Ambahy CEIM

As elsewhere, plantations were completely destroyed, domestic animals lost their lives, trees were uprooted and houses were badly damaged. Most of these houses are made of wood or bamboo, very light materials…

Member of CEIM in Manerinerina

In the area where Pastor Eric is located (church of Analajanvidy, Mananjary), 17 houses are all destroyed. Some pictures so that we realize the gravity of what happened on the spot.

Brother Claris said: « I am 71 years old now, but I have never seen a cyclone as devastating as this one ».

Village of Fenoarivo CEIM
Mbajato Church of the late Pastor Gaiété


                                                       FEBRUARY 05, 2022

              LOCAL CHURCHNumber of families Number of childrenNombre  of adultsTOTALVICTIMS
1         SALOMBO ANDARA454090130112
2         SAHASINDRA494997146131
3         MANAMBATANA23183048  42
4         MAINTIMBATO423595130 107
5         AMBOHITSARA10185876   73
6         AMPIAKARANA12122133    22
7         FENOARIVO AMBAHY434380123  114
8         AMBAHY486882150  107
9         AMPASIMANEVA31246589    77
10      AMBODIARAMY515080130  123
11      MAHAFEFIKY16072532    24
12      ANALANOLONA23203757    48
13      FENOARIVO  MBAJATO424071121    75
14      AMPOAMANITRA10133043    34
15      FOTAMAVO32205070    51
16      ANTANIADY20224062    44
17     NOSY-VARIKA19161026    23
18     AMBALADARA18141630    19
19    AMBOHIMIRITIKY32364581    56
20    ANDONAKA404080120  118
21    AMBINANISAKALEO20184058     51
22    TANAMBAO BERANO293894132    127
23    SAHANIKASA21385694      88
24    ANDRANOTSINDRANO22154863      53
25    IRONDRO52  147     142
26    MANANJARY 2736  63        60
27    MANERINERINA 7265137     102
                                     TOTAL   2391   2023

The MEIM has established 5 priority points for action related to the Christians affected by the cyclone.
1/ Emergency food and basic necessities.
2 / Food support for the most vulnerable people: poor and pregnant women, widows and orphans, sick people without means of care, the poor.
3/ Repairing and building part of the destroyed houses for the servants of God and the affected families
4/ Limited financial and material contribution for the repair and construction of churches.
5/ Donation of agricultural seeds for the future harvest, source of family income.

Please pray for the people and the CEIM community in this area.

For those who wish to make donations, here are the bank details and cell phone number:
—> MEIM – BFV – SG Tuléar
Bank Code: 00008
Agency Code: 00710
Account number: 05004006712
Key Rib: 66
IBAN : MG4600008 00710 05004006712 66

—> Mobile: MVola of the SG of MEIM, Pasteur Rosa
Tel : (+ 261) 34 95 885 60 ou 034 95 885 60

Please indicate: Don Batsirai

« « Thanks be to God for his ineffable gift! (2 Cor 9: 15) » (2 Cor 9 : 15).